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Hey all, I had a quick question. The stock wheel+tire hieght is about 26inches---this is also the hieght most drag radials are purchased in. I have tried to see if 28-incher fits.....and it definately doesn't with the stock ride hieght. I know many of you have coil-overs and you use them to lower your ride hieght. My ques. is, has anyone with coil-overs RAISED their ride-hieght from stock to a couple of inches above stock??? If this could be done while maintaining proper suspenion geometry, one could run a 29x13 inch slick on their supra's at the drags. I'm sure this would give the high HP cars the 1.3x 60' times they need to run low 9's consistantly.....

What combo does the MVP car run and did the car experiance traction problems with that combo??

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