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Talldega,Al. Track event 3/9&3/10. Come get your butt kicked by a Honda!

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Now you know I only wrote that to get you to look. But actually that could be very true considering the line up at the event. There is a two day track event on March 9&10 at the Talladega Grand Prix Raceway near Talladega, Al. See
It is being put on by the Honda/Acura club. See
The track is a 1.3 mile road course that was designed originally for motorcycle races so there is nothing to hit off track (of course there are other cars). Don't take lightly that it is a Honda event. If you look at the lineup right now it looks more like a lineup at a SCCA club race: IT race cars, G production cars, and some drivers with serious track experience. Being a local SCCA guy, I am coordinating the corner workers at the event but get free :D track time at lunch and the end of the day. I will be driving there the next weekend at a PCA event. I hope to see some Supras there besides mine for once. By the way the owner of the track has a sill rule- No big V8 cars (no the rule doesn't make sense).
Barry H. 94 ttsupra 6sp.
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The one you are driving in is a Porshe event isn't it? I may try to make that one but more than likely it will be later in the year before I can start to do these.

Hey Jeff,
You better hurry if you want to make the March PCA event.
I may not have even gotten my entry in time. They have an event in May though. If I could only do the ferrari event with plates that read "I8A4RE". There will be some events in the fall most likely the Shelby event where you can throw down with Saleens (easy pickings, they get pissed at being passed by a Supra) and a bunch of beautiful and powerful Shelby AC Cobra replicas. You have to outdrive those things. It would be so nice to run with another supra. One came out to the Road Atlanta track event I did in January but he was in a slower class (but had more mods) and we didn't get to chat much. You HAVE to do Road Atlanta. It is AWESOME. Now in 2003 the new track will open in Birmingham and the owner is a PCA member so it should be available for some PCA events. It will be a world class track. In fact it is both FIA amd FIM approved. 2.3 mile 16 turns. Check it out.
Barry H.
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