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Tanabe cat-back photos

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Finally, I have some pics of my exhaust! Tanabe cat-back, 3" stainless TP, and an HKS DP. I know there are better down pipes out there but I went cheap to get my car up and runnin' again.
I need a hi-flo elbow now too.

The new setup is a TON better than the old crap. The engine definitely breathes easier and spools quicker. Installation was really easy and I didn't encounter any problems along the way. The sound is just what I was looking for too. Not stupid loud crusin' but plenty aggressive at WOT.
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post what it sounds like..looksl ike a decent system, IMO it doesnt look good with stock bumper but thats just me
hey lumpy do u have any problems wit the DP going over bumps? is your car lowered? i have heard the HKS dp sits a little lower then other DP and i'll be getting the HKS one installed soon.
DP scraping..

You can see in one of the pics there is plenty of clearance. To answer your question suprstkfy: no, my car isn't lowered yet. It doesn't give me any problems at all(I try to go slow up and down steep driveways and such), but it does hang a bit lower than the stocker. I have only scraped something once(the damn driveway was almost 45 deg. I swear). I felt around on the DP but I didn't notice anything. There may be something there but I'd have to crawl under it to find out.
thanks lumpy

my car will be lowered along with the DP installition so i was a bit worried about it scraping. i have eibach springs which don't lower the car that much since i had it on my other supra..and it lowered the car but not too low but i guess i have to be extra careful wen going over bumps and such from now on.

thanks n i can't wait till i install my DP and cat-back. i'll post pics of my setup too. going wit the HKS DP and HKS exhaaust piping with a magnaflow muffler welded on to it...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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