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On the JZX100, what's the preferred or common way to tap into the connectors that need ignition power to them?
(Blue connector and grey connector in my 1st pic)
The blue one should be for all my injectors and ignition coils and the grey one has a starter wire, plus a few other wires that need ignition switch.

I would rather NOT cut them or splice the wire but if I have to, I guess I can.

Is there a way to find the part number for the matching female ( or male ?) side of each of these 2 connectors? When searching online, most places only offer the connectors for various sensors and the 4 main ECU connectors.

Or is there some universal male pins that can be wired up, spaced correctly, and plug into any connector? I thought about getting 12-15 male spade connectors that were very small and put them through a flat piece of plastic, sort of like building my own connector but not sure how i'd keep the spades in place in the plastic, and it's hard to tell what size the male spade connectors are from looking at Amazon pictures. The ones from the auto parts store would be too big.
Or I guess I could de-pin the male pins out of a connector somewhere that I'm not using, but I'd rather not chop up my 7M harness lol.

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On the 2 that come out of the ECU, it's easy, because the wires are hanging out, so I'm just twisting/soldering/shrinking those.

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