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Tech Article for installing 97-98 Front Signals...

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Hey I'm just curious but does anyone have any tech articles on installing 97-98 turn signals into a 95 Supra? I heard you need to drill an extra hole somewhere....anyone got pics of the install? Thanks:)
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'97 -- '98 Turn Signals

I'm in the middle of doing the conversion on my 93.5. The third stud on the new signals can be unscrewed, and not used, should you like. You can also unscrew the thrid stud, temporarily place the new singal, and mark the outline with a marker, as to where the third stud should go. Remove the signal, and drill. Pretty simple.

Now if I could only find the correct harnessing/bulb sockets for the upgrade. Any suggestions? In case you didn't realize, the stock socket and bulbs will not fit the new signal.

R. Laws
93.5 Anthracite Metallic
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Jeff watson at jaymarks for $40 bucks u can have the right harnesses that you will need.
Call Jeff Watson

If you're looking for the bulbs/wiring harness for the turn signals, give Jeff Watson at Jay Marks Toyota a call. He can get exactly what you need. I got mine from Jeff when I converted mine over. You will have to do some splicing, but nothing too complicated. Later.
Is it possible to have the lense stay on while driving? Similar to a Corvette?
Where is the best place too get the 97-98 front turn signals?

Aquiring Signals

Give a look see. They offer the clear front signals for around $45 a set.

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