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My direct clutches went out on my sp400 / th400 transmission kit for the mkiv supra.

I went with a 4l80e but selling the transmission to be rebuilt to your desired specifications. It's at the transmission shop ready to be rebuilt.

Comes with stock toyota bellhousing with the adapter plate for th400-toyota bellhousing. Also comes with the hybrid Precision industries torque converter recently refreshed.

The transmission shop quoted me $850 to put back together with even better parts as seen when opened which lasted 2003-2008. Metro transmission has the transmission right now and has built several race th400 and 4l80e's. They just rebuilt my 4l80e. I am sure metro transmission will give you warranty too. I never asked about their warranty policy.

I can give you the crossmember support brace too.
I also have an extra dakota digital speedometer signal interface sgi-5 plus signal generator... plus i believe i have a speedometer cable too.

I am seeking $600 for everything. Of course you would have to pay the transmission builder the $850 to put the transmission back together. Which was going to include a new pump, new direct drum, new clutches, new seals, new an array of things i have forgotten. If you want a transbreak or reverse pattern or forward pattern tell me and the transmission builder can accomodate such wishes.

-th400 opened up ready to be assembled to yoru specification
-th400 to toyota stock bellhousing with adapter plate
-th400 crossmember support bar
-th400 speedometer necesary equipment to communicate with your ecu
-PI torque converter unlocked 9.5 dragon series tighter stall setting currently


Had alum drum which was wearing down a little bit.


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Is this still for sale? What flexplate does it use? Do you have a picture of the bellhousing adaptor?
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