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Id like to say thanks on behalf of a friend. My friend Todd has had issues with his Percision Turbos on his Civic. Hes blown up 3 different versions of them, 1 in 2 weeks, and last one after 40 miles. He talked to many companies including Percision and feels they are just beatin around the bush so to speak or just bullshitting him for not taking responsibility for faulty products they have sold Todd.

I then gave him Sound Performance's number. He said that Larry has been the only person to seem to actually give a damn and gave him valuable information and is helping him currently with fixing the problems. They even offered him tto bring his car the shop so they could check it out.(if we wernt in Jersey we would have) Your customer services are impeccable, especially considering Todd did not buy a turbo from you guys(yet anyways)

In my group of friends we have predominantly turbo cars and all of those whom havent heard of you before now are your futture customers. I have a Garret GT42r76 w/ 1.01 a/r myself and now will only deal with Sound Performance.(Larry if you have reccomendations for set up adjustments or turbo mods for it that would be greatly appreciated)

Let me know how the 1jz products are coming along as you have a loyal customer here.

Once again thanks Larry and everyone else at Sound Performance. :bigthumb:
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