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Hey everyone
im back on here..its been a bit. but thanks to thomsoncharm i now have the apexi power air intake filter on. im going to give my $.02 for all those considering. first of all i do recommend it. its is cheap((well nothing for a car is cheap..but say, rather inexpensive in comparison)). and i can tell a difference. i really try to feel my car when i drive, and its probably not a big dif. but i notice it. my na auto had a pattern over the rpm range as follows. good torque til 2k rpm...then some fade...then it started to build back up again around 3500rpms strong by 4k and then started to drop again after 5500 rpms or so. with the filter i notice it now starts pulling harder at around 2800rpms and peaks alittle bit sooner, but more importantly pulls hard all the way til(at least) 6krpm. ((its hard to redline it in an auto so i havnt done that yet...dont like to either)) getting the stock filter off was easy...unscrew a few was rather hard to get the box out after tho. in the bottom on the box is an air duct that was hard to get around without shoving the maf up and off to the side a bit. other than that...YOU DO NEED TO BUY YOUR OWN BOLTS...apexi does not include them. and dont bother to read the directions unless your fluent in japanese writing.((not that they would help anyway cuz theyre for the MKIII. the exhaust not is deeper and becomes the typical groan that you get at 3200 rpms, it gets this way earlier...about 2500 rpms or so. when i started the car the intake sounded different. it sounds like a slight grinding((like a fan blade turning w/out the electricity on...i dont think im explaining that wall))...but in reality its just the air flowing freely through the new filter. i have not tested out how much it makes a difference from a 60mph roll yet...i plan to tho. what i did notice was this: on the stock intake the engine got kinda raspy at 5600-6800 rpms...gave alittle shudder and was really loud. i was uncomfortable taking the engine there for this reason. with the filter on it *feels*((may just be me)) like it is less strained at the high rpms..and it has lost its raspyness to a degree. im more comfortable with high rpms with this. my stock filter was pretty dirty and i think it may have been suffocating my engine. all in all for 128 bucks at i feel it was worth it. and if anyoen out there is looking to get alil extra juice id say do this and an exhaust.
thanks to brett thomson
hope this helped someone.
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Hey Bob,
Im glad to hear that you like the new air filter and glad to know I helped you out man. Yeah your car is breathing better now i remember in an import tuner they had a NA Supra and the Apexi Filter freed them up like 4-5 RWHP and then the Apexi S-AFC got like i think 6-10 RWHP and finally the Apexi N1 Exhaust was like 14 RWHP so they gotta alot of power freed up from the few basic things they put on it.
heat shield

does the heat shield really make a difference?

something like this MAX AIR system...
heres my $.02 on heat sheilds.
they can make a diffference if you find the right one. they do exactly what their name says and cooler air means more HP...but if the heat sheild restricts the amount of air that can flow in then i'd imagine that it would counteract their purpose. just my 2 cents. i dont really know too much about heat shields...but that makes sense to me...some one correct me if iim wrong tho.
Heat shields would help and the design of that one there is actually air coming into it under the hood too i saw it on a Lexus IS300. However i think we can forget about it on our cars because the MAF would keep it from fitting. The Lexus i saw was a race car and didnt have the MAF he was probably running a VPC.

i was just wondering if you liked your exhaust..the sp..? Im thinking of going with an MX. did you notice a good HP increase with your exhaust? do u have any pics? is it a straight out the back type tip or sideways?
the previous owner got the exhaust, so i'm not sure what it drove like without the SP. from what i can tell, i loose a bit of *UMPH* in 1st gear, but once the RPMs start to pick up, the car really goes! the open throttle is great... here are some pics...
bravo, BlackSupra93, for such an accurate description... the n/a auto does feel like that stock... and after an intake, again accurate... how cool... i don't know what made me reply like this but wow... so accurate... i mean the sound of it and everything... nice... hehe... for anyone wanting info about an intake for their car, this completely describes all you need to know... i have the blitz intake and couldn't have described it any better... however, i put it on the 5-speed... i gotta save for that exhaust or them headers from sp now... lateZ
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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