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According to what i can see the coding for this part is just currently unavailable not discontinued yet, the code is E9, F9 would be discontinued code

Just picked up the last 6-speed driver’s side rear axle in the US according to my dealer and is now discontinued.


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Master Shit Fixer
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Anime Dork
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we have the last 3 drivers side seat belts in the country. no other dealers have these in stock and there is only 1 currently on ebay

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Its probably easier to list parts that AREN'T discontinued at this point in time. 😂

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A few forum members brought to my attention there isn't much of a definitive list of discontinued parts for the MKIV.

The purpose of this thread is to list out any known or omitted parts without much discussion other than just that. If not sure if something is discontinued, message me and I'll confirm if it is or not and add it.

Please also post the Toyota part numbers if you have them.

This will be an evolution and I will update as time permits and I am taking the info from many existing threads.

The second phase of this thread will be links to aftermarket alternatives to any of the parts discontinued listed next to the OEM discontinued part.



Interior/Trim Parts

1993-96 Specific

Premiere edition logo on ash tray
55420-14040 Panel Ctr Dash List 64.42 Cost 49.19 [ discontinued ]
55410-14510 Panel Top Dash List 157.25 Cost 120.05 [discontinued ]
55404-14530 panel sub left side dash panel [discontinued ]
74320-14700-c0 sunvisor, left [discontinued ]
74310-14640-c0 sunvisor, right [discontinued ]
55537-14030 heater switch cover [ discontinued ]
1997-98 Specific

55404-14570 Panel Lh Dash [ discontinued ]
55420-14060 Panel Ctr Dash [ discontinued ]
55405-14170 Panel Rh Dash [ discontinued ]
55410-14530 Panel Top Dash[ discontinued ]
58804-14100 Panel Console 6 Speed With Boot[ discontinued ]
58804-14110 Panel Console Auto [ discontinued ]
74102-14140 Ash Tray[ discontinued ]
74232-14121 Panel, Lh Door Switch [ discontinued ]
97-98 dash plugs under radio in gray [discontinued ]
97-98 polished 17" wheels [discontinued ]
74310-14642-C1 - RH Sunvisor [discontinued ]

1993-1997 MODELS
84112-80152 - LIGHT SWITCH
84329-14030 - TURN SIGNAL SWITCH
84652-14620 - Wiper Switch
84140-14100 - Headlamp/Dimmer Switch

All Years

Coil Pack Cover (the green one) 11304-46050
Targa Air/wind Deflector "eyebrows" PN 63230-14040
Rear seat foam
ALL factory leather seat covers front and rear
Overhead map light
Tan seat track plastic covers
45100-14630-C0 STEERING WHEEL
rear speaker assys with black plastic encloseure
rear trunk/hatch carpet
AC Evap/heater Box assy
16400-46430 Radiator Turbo Auto
Rear Bumper cover - all years discontinued
87615-24020 -DISCONTINUED- RETAINER, INSULATOR -This is the piece that surrounds the heater core hard lines that come out from the firewall
82871-24490 -DISCONTINUED- PROTECTOR, WIRING HARNESS-This is the plastic shield/surround that goes on the front right hand apron for the chassis harness.
Toyota Part No.: 69030-14260 LOCK ASSY, FRONT DOOR, RH [DISCONTINUED]

Exterior/Trim Parts

Gold emblems [discontinued ]

Transmission Parts

93.5-98 5 speed manual gear box[trans] [ discontinued ]
33030-0w212 v160 6spd transmission assy [ discontinued ]
93.5-98 na 5 speed LSD diff assy [ discontinued ]

90069-10011 BEARING
90069-10019 BEARING
Counter shaft assembly 33421-0W060 [ discontinued ]
6TH gear Counter 33429-0W010 [ discontinued ]
5th gear Counter 33428-0W030[ discontinued ]
1st gear driven 33032-0W030[ discontinued ]
Suspension/Chassis Parts

93-97 Rear lower control arms (shock and knuckle attach to) Discontinued

Engine Mechanical Parts

Engine lift hooks on cylinder head.

Body/Frame/Crash Parts

97 Anniversary emblems on fenders
Pearl white side scoop extractors LH and RH
LH frame rail assy to fire wall
right rear qtr panel outer wheel house

Engine/Body Electrical Parts

97-98 Harnesses discontinued
82121-1B112 - Wiring Harness Engine 6 speed
82121-14891 - Wiring Harness Engine Auto
84988-14020 - Trac On/off switch [discontinued]
Blower motor 87105-14050 FAN SUB-AS SPORD
complete key cylinder set (all doors + ignition) PN#6900514690
Main engine compartment wire harness for turbo
88002-14030 CRUISE CONTROL UNIT [discontinued]
47990-14010 Trac Actuator [discontinued]

TRD Parts

Ptr04-00026 trd lsd a list 1582.11 cost 1186.58 [discontinued ]
TRD Tachometer
Air inlet hose as well 17805-42011

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Are front bumper covers discontinued I tried to contact a dealer about one and they said it was.
93 to 96 yes 97 98 still available.
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