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My 87 supra, turbo, targa, 5 speed. I got her off ebay for 2400 with a blown turbo, blown head gasket, 144,000 miles, dry rotted everything in motor, wiring for the motor was falling apart, interior looked out dated and was falling apart, new motor at 120,000 ( thats what the dude said but it didnt look like a new motor to me, car needed alot of help.

you cant really see it but the black trim uner the front window was all rusted and the window wipers were all rusted front and back.

Once i found out all of that was wronge with my car i started the rebuild period that took over 10 months of work (only worked on the car during the weekend) first i pulled the motor and took it apart and had the block and head cleaned up. I bought a greddy 2mm metal head gasket and some arp head studs to hold the head down nice and tight at 105lb. At about this time i saw the dude that dynoed his car using stock turbo and na cams and he showed that the na cams gave the turbo motor a little bit more tq on the low end so i invested in the na cams. When i got to the turbo i wanted something that would flow more air but not take alot of mods to make it fit so i dished out the money for a 60 trim with 8 degree cliping on the exhaust side.

Now that the motor was done i started cleaning up the interior first i started with a new dash and center console because the old one was cracked like crazy and was falling apart, thanks to Squid699 i got a good shadow grey dash and center console. The e- brake boot and shifter boot i made myself and the 92 steering wheel i got off sf and had to wire it in to work.

After the interior was somewhat back together i started working on the exterior of my car

But then the wether wanted to snow so my baby had to sit out side in the cold

After the snow i have had more time to work on and fine tune my car with the help of some friends and now my car looks like this

My car has gone from a pos that a soccer mom could pass to a beast that looks pimp at least to me. By the way if you dont know im turning 18 soon but built most of the car as a 17 year old that has never worked on a car before in his life. I seriously had no idea what i was getting into when i bought this car, but with the help of you guys and reading 1,000s of hours worth of info on sf, sm, mk3 tech, and all other supra related sites i was able to fix my car not knowing anything about motors.

Thanks to everyone that helped me.
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