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I got my viper 550 es at circuit city. Works great, however the install was a horror movie. I took it their on a friday, just wantind a cd player installed. So after an hour of waiting, they say, did ya know you have a remote start on the car. Didnt know it so I said no (told me it was a bulldog). Anyhow, finish up installing cd player and I go to get in the car and dead!!!Wont start, they f'ed with my remote start. They have no idea how to get it off. So, I just say screw it, Im moving to a bad part of town, put on an alarm with remote start. So after 3 more hours of waiting, I get to leave, and damn airbag light is now on. Take it back, and they have no idea how to get it off. Go home and get a call from the head guy, tells me the main tech is going to be in on sat. So go back, and he still cant get the damn light off. Start to leave, and shit wouldnt ya know it, they broke my damn gas gauge!!! Take it back immediately to show them and tell them they can foot the bill from Toyota...Sorry for the rant but I am still pissed off, not to mention had to threaten them with a lawyer to get them to pay the damn bill to fix their mess.

Anyways, the viper 550 is a good alarm w/remote start!! Does anyone know if it can be transferred ( I currently have a auto to a manual??)
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