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The Chinese Can Copy A Lot of Things...

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But they can't copy how to make a safe car. I love youtube. :) and yes, I was bored.

We really never talk about crash test that much. But by looking at some of these vids, the engineers and designers need to go back to work. Yoda for the most part, do really well in crash testing.

Hello death trap.

Toyota Yaris - for such a small car, looks like it can take on a head on collision pretty well. At least the driver won't be pancaked.


GM - WTF another craptastic winner.

Much better

I knew my F-Body was a safe car but damn,

And IBeveryonepostupcrashtestratings
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Well, at least the airbags deployed. That oughtta reduce the effects of a steering wheel to the chin a little LOL.
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