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YES! There is a thousand xspower threads. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Is there a trend in my threads that I like to challenge convention? Yes. Is the simple answer to spend 1500-2k on a manifold? Yes! Or is it? Like it or not, some of us do not have 100k for a build. Is a manifold an EXTREMELY important part of a build? Yes, no debate there. But would I rather use my limited funds on other important mods, if a cheap manifold will work? Of course! And the reality is that if not properly installed, and properly supported even the most expensive manifolds can crack especially if they don't have a downpipe with a flexpipe in it.

Before we get any further, I'm not here to debate the importance of a quality manifold. But as you will find, the more you know about manifolds, the more important variables there are to consider. Only by finding consistent and repeatable results can we systematically determine the "quality" of a product. The reality is that even on the "holy" supraforums, we all know there are many people running these manifolds and I chalk that up to exactly what I'm talking about here. On any given day if you google XS power manifolds, you may have 10 people building them up or 10 people tearing them down. I'd go as far as to make the argument that in the 2J world, there are probably more XSpower manifolds than anything else. This is good in that when you filter out all the bullshit, you should be left with the true result. This is bad for the same reason, there is A LOT of bullshit to filter through.

As I research this topic, I'm finding that consistent and repeatable evidence is difficult to find. You'll hear things like.-
-My Honda had an xspower manifold and it cracked.
-My uncle's cousin's co-worker had one and it cracked.
-2J manifolds are OK because they have 6 runners as opposed to 4 which can better support the weight.
-xspower manifolds are OK if you brace them.
-DON"T brace your xspower manifold, it will make it crack faster.
-xs manifolds are ok if you redo the welds.
-xs manifolds are ok if you clean the slag out of them.
-xs manifolds don't have slag in them.
-I made 970whp on a xspower manifold and after 20k miles it's still fine.
-There is even a long time member on here that works for a very reputable shop who in one thread is bragging up his xspower manifold and how no one can believe how good it is.

Now, I'm not saying that xspower is actually the be-all-end-all of manifolds and it's a conspiracy theory that none have ever broken. I'm simply trying to figure out if they are supported properly, can they be used for those of us on a budget? If this thread can determine that "NO, they can't", than that's great too. I'm just hoping this will help us to come up with a pattern and more definite answer.

Let's talk more about what this thread is not.
-This is NOT a place for reviews on xs power turbo kits.
-This is NOT a place for reviews on anything other than the xs power manifolds.
-This is not a place to discuss other possible manifolds.
-This is not a place to discuss HOW to brace your xs power manifold.
-This is not a place to discuss manifold construction.
-This is not a place to debate grades of stainless steel.
-This is not a place to talk about your cousin's friend's co-worker's car.
-This is not a place to discuss LOG style manifolds.
-This is not a place to debate buying a log manifold instead of a xs manifold.
-This is not a place to post pictures of your cat or other family pets.

By using the same template it will be easy to start to see a pattern. Here is the template I would like people to go by-

Car- (Supra or other)
Ge or GTE?-
Approx age of manifold-
Approx amount of miles on manifold-
Is the manifold modified in anyway- (if yes describe how, bracing porting, etc)
Has the manifold cracked or warped- (If yes describe where)
If your manifold has cracked did you fix it or scrap it?-
If you fixed it how many miles on it since the fix?-
What size turbo?-
Does it boost creep?- (If yes, describe how much)
Does your downpipe or midpipe have a flex section?-

I'm hoping that the mods will help to clean up this thread and if it's really successful maybe even make it a sticky.

Thanks for your contributions.
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