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Hi all from Adrian , newby and Australian .

I've been researching Garretts GT4088R and it looks pretty good - mainly because of their sane 78 trim 77mm UHP turbine . I'm not %100 sold on their choise of 88mm 7/14 blade C117 compressor as I think the TO4R/GT67 compressor can just about do the job .

So I want to know if anyone who has a DOHC 3L 6 has used PTE's GT4067R hybrid and what the results are .

In my little opaque crystal ball the TO4R wheel should spool a bit better and make a little more power in the lower pressure ratio ranges because of its smaller diametre and less blades ie 6/12 vs 7/14 . Another thing I like about the GT4067R is its slightly more compact TO4S compressor cover which helps when fitting it all in . The GT 40 cover is huge particularly for its wheels 68-70 lbs flow .

I get the feeling that to make a GT4067R give off its best its critical to get the turbine housing type (divided / non divided) and the AR ratio right . Also I've been told that the diffuser area of the comp cover needs to be "right" for best results . Now "High Kost Spec" is supposed to do something a little different in this area of their TO4Z comp cover which makes a little extra squirt over the garden variety Garrett TO4S .70 cover . What that difference is I haven't found out yet but the word is that HKS patented it so there must be something in it . I'm not sure how "right" they got their Swiss cheese port shroud insert but it may be significant that their covers AR was around .75 .

Very interested in any results and feedback .

Cheers and thanks , Adrian (discopotato03) .

Can I please have a contact link to PTE because I can't find one that works .
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