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This car used to belong to Mugg off this forum.

Since purchase i have cleaned a few things up and added some more mods to suit my styling.

Stock internals
Adjustable polished cam gears
ATI balancer
New belts and dampner
Reco'd Alternator
HKS Twin Power
Clear Cam Cover
Power enterprise timing belt
Brand new radiator, shroud and fan
GT35R turbo on turbonetics manifold
Nur spec exhaust with Apexi high flow 3" cat
Greddy Profec B boost controller and Greddy turbo timer
Walbro in tank pump
Blitz SUS filter
Hybrid cooler and piping
HKS SSQ BOV recirculated
Cold air intake pipe
Xenon low beams, LED parkers and number plate lights
Rays Engineering Arther Exchange 18x10 and 18x9 rims painted matt black
New 4 pot fronts and 2 pot rears with new pads and discs
Precision carbon number plate garnishes, backing plate and muffler sheild
Alpine 4inches in the front and 6.5" splits in the rear with Kenwood twin deck
Clear indicators
98 style headlights and tail lights
Repainted Dash - no more crappy rubber shite
Xtreme Cushioned button clutch and lightened flywheel

Power - 330RWHP at 13psi (due to stock ECU) on Rotary Motorsports dyno.

Future Plans:
Injectors, fuel rail and pressure regulator
Recaro seats
Bonnet struts
285 rear tyres - The 245's are stretched to the max and tend to make it loose traction in 4th
Install the set of Bilsteins i have sitting in the shed
Crack 400RWHP

Thats about it for now. Here are some dodgy pics i took last night and this morning.

Comments welcome!


PS - just had to throw in a shot of my daily driver. I really like black on white... can you tell?


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love th sticker on the daily car!

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wowww nice looking supra and i love the sticker i need one of those !!

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Very clean Supra you got..

Why does it say ETCS on AU Spec instead Traction on U.S. Spec?

BTW, whats that gauge you have on clock location?

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the gauge is a greddy boost gauge and ETCS is short for Eletronic Tracting Control System.

I made the sticker myself. It helps having a sticker machine, lol.

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close that gap from fender to tire!
Once i mod my nur spec exhaust i will be. For now, its hangs 10cm off the ground so theres no chance of being to lower it with the set of bilstiens in the shed.

Its sux having to modfiy an awesome exhaust just to meet the height requirements!
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