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Here's what I did today-
I recovered my rear speaker grills to match my fronts:

ALSO, I FINALLLLLLLY got a chance to get a dyno run in at Battleground. I spent about an hour on it, while the tech worked at getting my A/F ratio normalized during WOT- I have a MAFT installed. They said I raised my HP from baseline by about 35, just by tuning! Here's the final: 259.32WHP, 261.81RWTQ
It's pretty much exactly what I was expecting, given the fact that I'm on a stock turbo, stock boost. Also, my boost was dropping about 4500RPM- from 8.5psi to about 7 at redline, so I'm not too upset with the numbers.

I guess the next move is a touch more boost... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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