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The Meet 2004

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Hey everyone I'm just wondering if there will be a MEET for the up comming 2004 in E-Town I heard so many diff things and I was wondering if it will be there and I saw Will's post and I think it would be great if we can put something together and have a great time like all the previous Meets and I hope too see all new things too but anyway lets se if we can do something like this so I want to know what will go on for the new year..
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Good question. Last years organizers were quite frustrated after dealing with E-Town and were leaning towards a torch hand-off.

I can help out this year...what would the world be without The Meet? Also, can some more cars run please? I wanna see some 11 and 12 second MKIIIs.
theres a huge meet down here in TX...know its a drive but could be pretty good...heard there were more than a few MK3's running low 12s high 11's....{shrug} hope it helps
I think if we can organize it on a day where the mitsubishi meet wont be there too, it might come together better. Too much chaos. The previous years were much better when there was no other meets. This was the major reason in my eyes. I don't think anyone could have done anything about it, and its ashame the coordinators took so much heat for something that was out of their hands, especially when they volunteer to do this. The 2 meets prior to this passed one were both a great success, so we should know what they are capable of when things go to plan.

This is also a side note and a preference(it may not reflect the views of many others), but I really liked the dyno that came into Etown the first year of the meet. It provided a ton of things to do. This passed year, looking at the cars and watching a few drag got old kinda quick. With the dyno there, you could see cars, watch the dyno and watch cars too pretty easily. It just seemed to me that having the dyno a few miles away made the meet seem more disconnected. A lot of people didnt wanna have to find SPI or had had enough of just Etown. Don't get me wrong, either way I'll be there.

I agree it would be nice to have a few more cars run the 1/4, but I guess a lot of people really travel and don't wanna break. I dont live far so I cant really talk, but I feel, I built it, I'm gonna abuse it and I think I would be the same way even if I drove a long distance to be there..

Whether or not the original coordinators do it, we need a meet, without it the east coast would have no major supra events.
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If there is a THE MEET 2004, it will not be coordinated by the same team from the previous 3 years.

Last years planning and deployment was indeed a test in fortitude and perseverance. Worst, the rollout and developments during the actual event days were definitely disheartening. Nevertheless, as organizer, one should anticipate those circumstances and plan / arrange how to react properly. Undoudted, attendance was magnificient - this years crowd was the largest.

The good things about THE MEET 2003:
- Nice and sunny all weekend (except for the Thursday / Fri morning drenching).
- Over 135 Supras were in attendance.
- Lot of commaraderie

The Bad:
- No one did *schit*. No true participation in the planned events. The team and the venue staffs were all astonished and displeased.
- Show-&-Shine turnout was embarrassing :(

Back Breaker:
- No committed venue for next yr - and I'm not willing to relive the agony of 2000 to secure one.
- Insurance required for every event and venue.
- A hobbyist activaty grew into an expense liability.
- I practicially had no life between Feb. and May.

No thank you.
As Jeff indicated, the torch has been passed. If anyone is willing to step forward and coordinate the event, then I'll offer consultation and limited support. The event now has an history and notoriety, so a continuance of the planning process will not be as demanding as prior events. It just need to be done.

What would be the most significant obstacle for next year: $500 -$1000 for insurance per event activity or a signed waiver document per participant and then a prayer that no one gets hurt and decides to sue :( . Also a main venue is needed...

The door is still open for a simple one day get together + BBQ + a little chit chat.

This years and past years event -

NE Supras - THE MEET Organizer
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I had a awesome time at the 2k3 meet.. I think the events are set a little too early.. Many of the people including my self didn't wake up until half are already over then scrambled to get aorund.. LOL...

I missed show and shine because I went to wash and detail my car.. Then when I got back to the show and shine it was doen.. I was like shit.
I had a pretty good time last year, but as stated it was not as good as the year before. I understand what Howard is talking about when he says that not many people actually took part in the events, because not many people really did. It was mostly the DSM's and those little VW things or Colts or whatever the F they were that were running on the track, and they were hitting 10's and 11's all day. They were putting the Supra's to shame. The year beforehand, it was just a supra event and so it was more fun to spectate the races and to just walk around and BS.

I also agree with the dyno statement by jolilroger. I was not there for the first meet so i didnt get to see it, but if its a portable dyno that was actually at the track then i think that would be great to do again. Last year it was a hassle to find SPI and those New Jersey roads are just pure shit so i think that discourages some to make the drive over there.
NJ roads have, and will suck for a long long time, nothing can be done for those in the immediate future. it sucked that there was so much other crap going on at the same time. saw a *handful* of supras run, maybe. saw those gutted little things, VWs, who the fuck knows. it was my first meet, and my last with my supras, and therefore i have no frame of reference, so in my eyes it was a good time. i'd go to a 2k4 meet definitely. just my .02

I agrere jercey roads are crap, no state can compare to NY and their destination signs, just my .02 cents.

Anyways, as for the 2k4 MEET. It's not gonna happen unless someone steps up to the plate. This past MEET, I helped out as much as I could. I've chased down MK2/MK3/MK4 owners in my Work Van, just to give them a flyer, trust me it's not easy catching these suckers.

Howard and myself think we should have a one day thing going. It's too much hasle getting sponser's, etc..... I'd say everyone get together and pitch in on a BBQ Meeting, etc.... What do you guys think?
As said before it's only as good as you make it...

Personally the CT boy'z made it the best meet i've been too.... Even though my car was in shambles at that point Hopefully everything will be 100% comming out of winter this year
I jumped on the team last year to help where I could and you wouldn't believe what is involved in setting something like this up. I don't blame Howard one bit. I'm still down to help out on the side. In no way would I take the lead in any form of any future quordination. Just not worth it IMO. My car has yet to attend any major meet, yet I drive 3 hrs to get there just to hang out w/ my fellow supra owners. I'm down to attend anywhere. I'll have a good time regardless of the turnout/attitude.
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