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Message from the MEGA MEET President

We are sorry to say that yes the rumors are true....the Mid Atlantic MEGA MEET (MAMM) is no more. Due to the over whelming request for use of the lot from other shops, company's and organizations and the size that the meet has grown to, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) does not want to deal with the issues anymore and has pulled the permit.

We where running off of a test type of permit and VDOT has not done anything like this before. They only did this as a favor because they to wanted to see the youth have a place where they could hang out legally and enjoy the hobby that we all love. But due to the rapid growth and huge amount of phone calls / e-mails sent to VDOT questioning why they could not have a permit to do the same thing, the VDOT upper management decided to end the test type permit, shut it down and end all the issues.

The burnouts that occurred at the top of the lot and the number of people that hung out up there instead of coming down to the main lot during the April 1st meet was also an issue. However, we like to focus on the large amount of good we have done over the last year and a half. VDOT did recognize that we raised over 2500 pounds of food for the victims of Hurricane Katrina / Rita and over 5000 dollars for the American Red Cross. Not to mention the amount of cars and people we had shoved into that small lot and never once had an incident. This is a great reflection of how much everyone that attended our meets appreciated it and we want to thank you for that.

Due to how much it would cost to run this in a private venue, we will not be able to continue. We are a non-profit organization and have actually lost money over the last two years, but it's ok because we have had a blast. I have talked with a few people and it would cost around 70k a year to move the MAMM into a private venue. I would like to say that maybe we will be able to find a place, but the chances are just very slim. We are willing to have mature suggestions sent our way about where to move the MAMM, but please keep in mind what we need to follow….

1 – The parking lot / venue must be FREE of all costs.
2 – The parking lot / venue must be able to hold over 1000 cars.
3 – The parking lot / venue must be easily accessible.
4 – The parking lot / venue must be away from all residential areas.

We only ever charged $1.00 per car because we wanted everyone to enjoy the meets and not worry about how much it cost to get in. This did make it very hard for us to keep the meets running but thanks to our sponsors, we were able to do so much and have the meets turn out great. Just think, we started with an idea of providing the areas modified vehicle culture a place to go and hang out and enjoy what we all love, but do it legally with out getting hassled by the police and have to run from spot to spot. We started with numbers like maybe 100 to within the first year having around 1500-2000 cars throughout the night. The coolest thing is that I saw more cars and better cars at our meets then allot of the local car shows.

It was a great time while it lasted and it never would have been possible without the support and help from the following people….

The MEGA MEET Management

Ryan Leffas - my right hand man and the one who I know will be more heart broke then me about the meets being cancelled
Heather Marshall - for allowing me to see my idea / dream come true
Terri Cook - for all the wonderful ideas and support
Matt Nemetz - the guy that knows everyone and everything

The staff

Simon - from beginning to end, we could always count on you being there
Brian - for always being there to do what needs to be done
Drew – the one who never says never
Josh - who lived to kick someone out
Scott - the I'll do anything guy
Sam - though he may wobble and stumble, he never fell
Eric - thanks for all the ideas and hard work
Jon - always there to help with what needed to be done
Elson - the big guy with the camera; Thanks man for all your hard work and excellent pictures

Also to all of our sponsors for believing in us and what we did. I am sorry the way this has ended and wish there was more I could do….

Executive Audio
Frederick Nissan
Jada Toys
Laser Quest
Milbert Amplifiers
Promotion Tuning
Redline Max
Red Shift
Street Trenz
Underground Motorsports
VIP Garage

We thank you, wish you all the best and will keep you all in mind for any other shows or events we might do in the near future. We will be working with you to return your sponsorship fee. But due to having so much out there in supplies and advertising already for what we thought was going to be the 2006 season, it will take some time. Please be understanding becuase most all of it will be coming out of my own pocket. But hey, I have about seven-hundred dollars worth of MEGA MEET t-shirts that are now useless and if you need a few trash cans or anything like that let me know. The main problem is all of the supplies cannot be returned.

But most of all, thank you to the people that supported the meets by attending and making us what we where. We at one time were the largest event of its kind and it felt really good to have the local police tell me that we are doing a great thing. They were happy to have us in the area and still will continue to support the ideas that we have. Thanks to the Prince William County Police Department, Capt Rudy and Officer King for helping us when we needed it. Also thanks to Billy Beavers from VDOT for giving us the chance to do what we did.

I hope that you all had a great time while it lasted and I am sorry that it had to end this way. But please know that the lot will be watched by the police this weekend and they are going to be kicking everyone out. My staff and I will also be there to explain it to the people that did not know or did not see the post.

Thanks again for a great 2005 season and 2006 season opener,

Bryan Marshall
Mid Atlantic MEGA MEET
President / CEO
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