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OK here is the dilemma!

I’m moving up from my SP57 to an SP71GTQ and going to a TH400 as well and I’m undecided about which stall setting to select. I will spend most if not all of my time driving on the street and my car will be running the lower geared automatic rear gears.

Option one, Run a 4200-4400 stall?
Option two, go with a 3400 for better street driving quality and spray a 75 shoot for those time I want to spool up fast?

I’m leaning towards option two as a great majority of the time I’ll be just cruising and off the boost. I just want to be able to spank some tail when the time arises.

I have talked with three reliable sources and all have varying opinions. So now I’m coming the looking for opinions. Please feel free to jump in and post what you would do!!


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