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Here are the costs and parts and all *labor // tax included*. All info straight from Jarrett at PHR.

Hi Rob, if you are wanting to convert to a single turbo kit at the same time, you will have to upgrade supplemental items such as the fuel system, intercooler, electronics, clutch, etc also. I recommend the PHR Stage 1 or 2 turbo kit for use with this conversion, as the PHR Stage 3 is designed for a race engine and for racing use only with NOS. A stock engine would not be feasible for this application. In addition, the Stage 1 and 2 kits make well over 650 HP... more than enough HP for any street car. From briefly adding up the conversion cost in addition to the upgrades mentioned above, I am looking at about $25,000 in modifications to the car. If interested, I will be happy to put together an estimate and fax to you. We keep all the items necessary in stock, and the conversions usually take about 2-4 weeks if scheduled in advance. I hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions. Thanks
PHR Sales
Well the total is around 25k$ for everything. So for those who are thinking about doing all these conversions it'd probably be cheaper and more efficient to just buy a Twin Turbo and then adding on the turbo kits. Just thought I'd help shed some light on the big question. To find out more about 6spd manual tranny exchanges and such goto: Hope this helps!

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