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But I got some questions before I even start looking around for one.

How much should I be willing to spend on a completly stock manual N/A MKII?

Consdering that these cars are really old, is it easy to find after market parts for it i.e ecu, tranny, differential, fuel pump, gauges (not the riced out ones just stock or close to stock), etc.

Is it a pain in the ass to do a simple oil change? How about replacing parts or fluids just for a regular tune up?

And can you give any advice to someone who's looking to own his first MKII?

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Go to and look at FAQ, etc for answers to your questions, also go to the forum there and use the search feature for additional info.
My MKII has 226,000+ miles on it, around 45,000 on this engine. 5mge, ported/polished, headers, 2.25 exhaust with 2.5inch magnaflow. Runs well enough to keep the "ricers" from even thinking about it.
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