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I was able to get my hands on a new V160, so I'll probably sell my current V160.

My current V160 has a little over 100k miles on it. Other than a little "notchy-ness" shifting into 2nd & 3rd gear, the transmission functions completely fine.
There is a small leak from the output shaft seal.

I think the best way to legitimately sell my current tranny is to leave it in the car and let people shift through the gears. Is this a good idea? I've read a few stories on the forums where people have gotten ripped off buying a transmission. I probably won't get around to replacing my transmission until the winter, though.

If there's anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area who might be interested, send me a message.

(Does this count as a For Sale thread?)

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I hope you got a great deal on a new v160...

Let me ask around and see if I can find someone who is thinking about 6 speed swap (nick, white supra)...



P.S. Keep may 6th open for a huge meet in Indy, should be some nice cars..
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