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i have been thinking of putting some juice on my supra, sometime in the future.
What kind of setups are you guys using?
Is the composite bottle really worth the money for the few pounds?


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x X CLoud X x said:
do u need 2 of the big ones

let me reply by saying YES:D
But my reasons are strictly for track use.
I do have the bug for speed and love the 1/4 mile track.
I am not someone who is going to the Dyno comps,
I am moe interested in track times, and 1/4 mile comps.
But thanks for your reply

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Ummmm if you have the money to fix it if it blows thats cool but I would keep that for the track. But it could come in goiod use on the street too hehe There are a lot of good kits out there I would do a lil research on them and see what you like.

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Are you on stock twins or single? AEM or stock ECU? Don't expect stockers to last long with nitrous.

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