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HELP!! This is very werid ???!!

I own a 95 toyota Supra Twin turbo automatic, and I was relived to find out that supras built in 1995 are OBDI because that would mean i would be able to pass, the smog check without having to swap out my AEM for the stock ecu(which wouldnt be so hard yet Id like to keep something in the car, without always having to take every part out and go back to stock just for smog). Yet i happend to pop my hood yesterday and look at the bottom of it, what i read was that it had a sticker that read, that it met all the yadda yadda yadda emissions stuff of 1997 and furthermore, in a smaller rectangular shaped box it said the follwing "OBDII certified" and under it, it said Catalyst. I was like wtf how the hell is my car an OBDII when its a 95???
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