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Could be OEM red, faded by the sun a bit. Look at it in person. Open the doors and hatch check the jams to see if its been repainted. Also on the drivers side door will be the paint code.

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It's a repaint, as the "turbo" badge on the back is painted AND in the wrong place...

91/92 cars had body colored molding, but they weren't painted the way white package trim is..

If you look at the trim, the plastic is sort of a matte color, and the small rubber strip has 3 lines in it, that's how you can tell it's original.

My 92 has black molding, but they aren't painted black and you can see the strips in the rubber portion..

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Wow, so much misinformation in this thread. The car is a 91/92. It has the Toyota badge instead of the Supra badge. This means the mouldings came red from the factory. Another good tip is the Shadow grey interior.

Also, the car may not be faded. If the pic was taken about noon it would look exactly like that. It's called bad light and is a photographers nightmare.

This was taken at noon.

This was taken closer to 6:00 in the afternoon.

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Car in original post looks original to me. (ie: nothing looks changed beyond original factory specifications).

So sayest Jeff.


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I bought it today! :agreed:

So great to be back in the saddle again. Been driving a stupid '87 Jetta since I sold my last ('87 Turbo)Supra in '03, lol.

Dude was so good at responding to my emails in vague non-discript fashion that I didn't even think to flat out ask him if it was a repaint. I was too focused on asking about the top of it being sun-faded I guess, lol. I'm actually glad it's a respray though, he says it was painted "Ferrari Red", and they did a pretty good job on it, as you can see. Stumped some of you, lol. I like how the red has kind of that aged look to it like it's been tooling around Hawaii with Magnum PI behind the wheel :p

The shop owner said it was his sons car -Really nice, but a little flawed by him, lol. They gave me dealer receipts from an engine and tranny rebuild done only 50K ago totalling over $6K! Drives like a dream, but the turbo sounds kinda funny when I let off the gas. He said that's normal...My '87 didn't make that sound. It's kind of a pulsing whirling sound. Is that an improvement Toyota made to the turbo over the years or something, or do you think I should have the dealer check it out?

Here's the photos from his latest craigslist ad for it:

After looking at pics of one of their other cars for sale that were taken in exactly the same spot, I got even more worried,

...but I didn't care and headed down to Portland to look at it anyways because the whole car looked so evenly sun-faded, lol, and I actually liked that better than stock, lol, that and they had dropped the price to $4995 :) "Cash only" though, so it took me a while to save up, and I was a little leary to have that much cash on me, strange request for a "dealer". He hooked me up though and made me a bill of sale with the selling price "accidentally" left blank, heh heh, so it's like I got it for only $4500 without the tax!

Thanks for all your responses, I can tell this is going to be a great place to get help and info on the car. Cheers, Don

P.S. the owners son almost shit a brick when I told him I was going to be delivering pizzas in his little baby, lol
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