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Thomas, help with deadening doors

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well i am installing the focal utopias in my dorrs and i used a 1/2 inch spacer so that the magnet clears. Now the thing is i need to realy seal these doors up and deaden them so that they can produce the mid bass they are supposed to. How would you advise doing this. The supra doors seem a little tricky
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Well, let me ask you something.

This spacer ring that you are using, did you mount that to a plate which then mounts to the factory speaker assembly?

If that is what you did then you'll need about 9 square feet of deadening material to do each of the front doors.

Remove that clear plastic gasket that seals the door.

Starting with the outer shell of the door, apply matting to the entire door.

You'll want to then start with the speaker ring and apply material from the ring outward. More than likely, your plate does not provide a sealed plane for the back wave of the speaker. Use the sound dampening to "fill" in any leaks that are present.

What you want to accomplish is a completely sealed enviroment for the mid to reside in. The sound wave that emits from the back of the speaker should not be able to "leak" to the front.

Doing this correctly will GREATLY enhance your bass response.

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
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Oh yea, give me a call sometime and I'll try and help ya out. Sometimes it's easier to convey help over the telephone.

Tom Kenyon
Do you have any pics of your doors or can you by chance take some for me. it will be greatly appreciated
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