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Is $499 a good price for an Eclipse 5441?? I local shop here in Hawaii caries them for that price. Anyone know where I can find a better deal.

Thomas, how much does your shop sell them for. I know you cant ship them but I want to know a price range. I saw on under internet specials you guys are selling the Eclipse 55040. What year are those?? How do they compare to the 5441?

Thanks for everything

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I think the model you are talking about is the CD5441. It is a current 2001 model. There was an older model 5441 that had a retail of around $299. That is how I will assume you are talking about the CD5441.

Well, the CD5441 and the 55040 are similar but different. (How's that!!)

The 55040 has no power, the CD5441 has 40 watts per channel built in.

The 55040 has a better "knob" style remote. The CD5441 has a credit card style remote.

Both are "flip" down style faces.
Both have 5volts of preamp signal.

The retail price of the CD5441 is $499. That is "around" what I sell it for.

I can sell you the 55040 and ship it to you. I know I only have one more left. It sold for $599 last year and I myself had the same model in my Supra for a year. One of the best sounding CD's I believe are available. Email me privately or call me to arrange shipment if you are interested.

I am only able to sell discontinued items and ship them elsewhere.

Hope that helps.

Thomas Kenyon
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