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You need a box built or do you already have one?

I charge about $100 to install 2-2 channel amplifiers. All wiring is soldered and heatshrunk, done by MECP certified installers.

That price does not include the parts that would be needed.

To install the tweeters would depend on where you wanted them... Labor is usually about $40-$50 on a set installed.

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Can you help me out and give me a ball park figure and write up on what i should be paying to have this list put in....I have all the parts but ill put the price incase others want to try to get them....
3 - JL10W3's ($250)
2- Pioneer 300x2 amps (I already have one installed on my car, but i want to install two i guess just add onto the amp kit i have or maybe i have to put in a new one) (those were like 150-175 each i forget)
JL Audio 3/4 tweeters w/crossover (79.99)

Thanks alot
ps this is for the instal on all of this.

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by MECP certified installer sound like a good deal !

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whats it run to get a box built for a supra?? one like you have in your supra, 2 12s or whatever, i guess you don't retain the targa top holders but oh well, i will probley get rid of targa and rear seat aswell, but who knows? :)

also thomas,sorry i haven't called you but im holding on to all my cash atm to see if im getting this 97 supra tt or not :) im working out a deal here so hopefully i can get it..if i get the supra it may be a month or so before i can get that eclipse headunit
sorry i haven't called though...

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