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Thomas : Will you please...

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G some pictures of your door panel so i can see how you put your focal speakers in?
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yes please do !
Ok Ok Ok!!!

If I take my door panel off and take a picture will SOMEONE please post it on the Forum so I don't have to??

I promise that I did have a few pictures but have since lost them...

If anyone is too lazy, I will sell you some panels that will bolt right up to your stock speaker mounting holes and will run you about $150 plus the shipping.

You will need to purchase a bit of sound dampening and they will front load on the inside door panel.

Thomas Kenyon
will someone host the pictures for him, i would if i could
Hey, I can host them if you want...It wouldn't be a problem.
Just e-mail me the pics...
My door panels are completely covered in V-Block sound deadening so would not provide much detail.

I am building some panels for a list member from New Jersey and when I done I will email the pictures to Steve L.


Thomas Kenyon
Ok all... I have sent two pictures of door panels for a MKIV to Steve.

Mr. [email protected] these are your panels that the pictures are of.

Now hopefully Steve will post them like he promised.

Thomas Kenyon
Hey...Just checked my e-mail...
The pictures are up.

They were fairly big in size, so I just made 'em a little smaller for these people with slower connections :)



I'll let Thomas handle the explanations.

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very nice work ;)
The panels shown are made of 1/4" MDF, 1/2" MDF and fiberglass. They mount up to the stock mounting holes that the stock speaker assembly mounted to.

You remove the factory grills and front mount your speakers to the actual inside door panel.

The new panels allow for a secure place for the speaker to be screwed to.

Also... It is very important to completely sound dampen the ENTIRE door. Because of the differences in elevation with the stock speaker assembly screws you will have "fill" in the area between the arms of the panel with sound deadening. You want the speaker to play in as close to an enclosure as you can simulate. Doing this will greatly enhance your mid-bass resonse.

Questions??? Email me privately.

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
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Oh yea, I forgot one thing.....

Thank you to Steve for posting the pictures.
I very much appreciate it.

Thomas Kenyon
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