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Ok thomas, I have piping for the intake elbow from my friends Civic. Its 3 inches in diamater so it should work. How would I go about installing it. I'm using a K&N FIPK right now as the filter.

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Your gonna need a breather for the THICK vacuum hose running to the back of the engine closest to the windshield. The other vacuum hose the thinner one is going to have to be adapted to the nipple on the intake piping you can get an adapter at your local auto parts store that can adapt from one size vacuum hose to another. Then your going to have to measure on the pipe how much you need before you have to hacksaw off. On my pipe there was actually two nipples originally closest to the MAF BUT i cut off the other area of the piping where the other nipple was. Just hacksaw off the area you dont need. Then attach the grammets to the end with the MAF and the end to the throttle body and your ready to go. I made a picture naming some of the parts.
urmild, what year civic is that pipe from? I'm interested in doing this also. I'm currently running a cone filter off the MAF with an OBX adapter (cheap quality!! :rolleyes: ) Thanks.
what size pipping did you use?Do this give your car and more performance and or sound?I am going to do the same thing with my 95 n/a.:rolleyes:
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I believe it's off a 2000 Civic DX. I'm not really sure though my friend gave it to me.
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