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Those who know about systems

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Alright guys,
Here comes a slew of questions. I don't know much about systems and you guys will have to educate me on a good one for my car.
Don't want a show winning set up.
Don't listed to it very loudly.
Like to have a nice set up with clean sound with some base.

Now, can you guys give me some ideas of the components that I'll need for a decent system?
I like to keep the cost relatively down so don't quote high end over kill stuff please.

Tell me what's good set up as far as
1. Head unit (single din preferably)
2. front door speakers.
3. tweeters
4. rear speakers
5. sub
6. amp
7. other nick nacks I'll need for a complete installation.
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I'll be more then happy to help, but ya'll have to e-mail me, got exams, so bouncing from place to place, alot....

[email protected]
You got mail
Head unit - Premier DEH-P430 (got it fot cheap) Premier are relly good especially the 700 or later series and it has MOSFET which is really good= I LOVE premier and will never buy anything else cant go wrong, I dont have any ecperiance with other players so i cant say what is the best I just know premier is good

Speakers - Random Pioneer speakers They were the 2nd cheapest thats all I remember about them, I got them when the car place was having a "once a year sale" = I would just say go to the sales and get what ever fits thats not TOO ghetto if you dont care about matching brands you can save good money, most aftermarkets are gunna be the same

Sub- I have a 10" JL W6 and I LOVE it I dont bump that much so Its great, perfect for my kinda music. = I would get a JL they seem to be the best but if you have money Get Infinty Kappa Perfects or the Eclipse (cant remember the name) ones they are REALLY good subs, they arnt known to hit hard they are know for the quality of bass

AMP- I just have my friends of Rockford Rosgate amp, all my friends (there the kinda people who have to have the newest things onve a new deck comes on the market they NEED it) say if you arnt too into the whole show thing you can get whatever is the cheapest amp you dont even need a brand name, my buds got a Pyramid or somthing and it sounds good.

Others- just make sure nothing rattles and you will have a great sounding (and looking :) ) car
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Re: Re: Those who know about systems

SlowSupra said: buds got a Pyramid or somthing and it sounds good...
:thumbd: Hahahhaha, I hope you are joking when you use the words "pyramid" and "sounds good" in the same sentence. LOL:D
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