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OK here it is,

i have had 3 diff names on here and 2 diff supra mk3 btw so by no means am i an noob dispite the lack of posts on this name so please no flaming now that that is out of the way. (thanks) it seems to me everyone for the most part looks for the biggest number... i dont realy care about that i have a lot of experience with turbos and supras of diff era's but no experience withthe 1jz. i am going to buy another supra targa 5speed turbo soon and i will swap out the motor for 1jz very shortly after but what i really want to know is if any one has focused on responce with the 1jz (did a few searches come up with nothing) the biggest power isnt important to me but spool and responce is while the motor is out of the car what tricks have you guys found to be helpfull in making the 1j spool up quick without a major boost spike this i do not want. i am thinking i may take the time to port and polish the head (the last one i did took for ever what a paint in the ass) raise compression and keep a low boost. any other suggestions??? this car will be a daily driver of course cause i miss my other supras so much the fuel sipping sentra does 32mph in town but its just no supra
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