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Throwing code help???

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hey guys, i just finished my headgasket install and could use a little help with the 2 codes i am throwing. i am throwing a code 12 and a code 55. my timing is set to 16* btdc and i cant quite get it to go down to 10*btdc. i will work on that but the 2 codes i dont understand. any help is welcome.. thanks guys!
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ok i got my timing back to 10*btdc... and im still throwing both of those codes at idle???? please.. any help. like the check engine light comes on like 10 seconds after i start the car!

please help... my car is like boging out too... i only drove it around the block and it was horrible!

code 12- a cam sensor
code 55 - rear knock sensor!
you should check to see if you plugged in everything correctly

you may have left the rear knock sensor unpluged....its near the intake manifold, below it
yea check to see if u put all the vacume lines on correclty too.
i checked both of those... its not that... i just dont get it.. ahhh... anyone have any other ideas????
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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