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Tuesday August 11th, ThunderDrift will be holding a very special fulltrack drift event at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA.

This event is very special in number of ways. We're doing a hawaiian-shirt day, so everyone bring out your crazy hawaiian shirts! Also, there have been numerous requests for a special AE86-only fulltrack event at thunderhill, so I'm offering a special discount to AE86 owners to see how many will come out. If it's successful, we'll do an ALL-hachi event in 2010.

This event will also be a brilliant opportunity for those of you who are drifting in, and spectating at Formula D at Evergreen to hit an awesome drift event on your way home. Thunderhill Raceway is conviniently located to the entire west coast! 10hrs south of evergreen, 10hrs west of Miller Motorsports park, and 10hrs north of Spring Valley and WSIR.

As at all TD fulltrack events, a grip session will be provided for those who are interested in gripping a world-class road course. Be sure you choose the grip option when completing the online-registration form.

Car/Driver Requirements:

- No leaks of any kind

- Battery tiedown must be stock or better. (No duct-tape/zipties/or other janky crap)

- Interior Safety Gear/Roll Protection must be stock or better.

*** If you have a convertible, please call for more info. You will be subject to further safety requirements.

- Helmets must be SA2000, M2000 or newer.

- Closed Toe Shoes, No sleeveless shirts.


Entry Fee is:

$200 per driver

$180 per driver w/hawaiian shirt

$160 per AE86 driver w/hawaiian shirt

Thunderhill's 15-turn 3-mile road course features oncamber and offcamber banked turns, lots of elevation changes, and arguably the best 5-turn linkable section in the western US. Come enjoy drifting of epic proportions combined with some great hawaiian festivities.

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wtf is this junk!!

j/k legit shit. If I didn't have school I would probably go up and watch and take pics. Maybe I will skip a day of school if someone down here forces me to go.

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Attention Drifters! There has been a major change! The event is no longer on Monday August 10th, it will be held on TUESDAY AUGUST 11TH!

It's my fault. I had a communication error with thunderhill, and the monday-date went to a group of motorcyclists. My sincerest apologies to those of you who already requested monday off of work for this event.

To those of you who did, and to those of you who are coming down from FD Evergreen, I reccommend you take your time and have a relaxed drive to the track on monday. We'll have camping at the track monday night, and we'll be having a party of sorts in the main bulding of thunderhill complete with a projector, so we can play option videos, FNF, or even videogames. I'm going to arrange a dinner that evening as well, so please come and enjoy the shindig.

I repeat, the event has been moved to TUSEDAY AUGUST 11th.

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Any discount for the AE86's big bro (MA67)? Put me down as a tentative yes -- still need to get a welded diff for the ugly red mk2 -- it hasn't moved since the slidewize event 2 years ago:

BTW, let me know if you need any help organizing -- still have my #?

edit: I just looked and my helment is Snell 95, but with the sticker mostly scratched off -- will they be looking closely?

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No. it's not an AE86.

Jeff right? I'm not sure if I have your number anymore. it's been ages! glad to hear you're interested in coming out again!

the fulltrack is REALLY REALLY awesome.

helmet-wise, dude... it's time for a new one. you're seriously rocking a 15 year old helmet? We WILL be checking... and 2000 is SUPER lenient btw, most clubs are requiring 2005 now. i'm staying a few years behind just to make it easier on everyone.

I suggest looking into borrowing a newer one, or renting one from the track. You don't wanna go buy a brand-new one right now, the 2010 rating should be out really soon.

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Yeah, I bought my helmet in '99 when autocrossing with SCCA so I'll definitely wait for 010's.

Anyway, I figured a ~160rwhp mk2 wouldn't be enough to drift more than a couple corners on the T-hill full track, so I just bought another mk3t. Unfortunately it needs a rebuild, and I highly doubt I'll have it done in 10 days. But if I'm free on the 11th I'll def swing by and spectate -- maybe lend a hand if one is needed.

Any more track days planned later in the year? A realistic goal for me to shoot for would be nice ;)

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Attention all participants. Registration is now closed, but the event is not full. If you still want to drive, the non pre-regged price is $220 cash at the track.

THIS IS AUGUST AT THUNDERHILL! it WILL be very hot. Remember to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water! t-hill has 2 big permanent canopies, so everyone can get shelter under there... NO TRAILERS ALLOWED UNDERNEATH THE CANOPY! There is a limited amount of space, and we want it filled with people, not trailers. The only trailer that will be parked under the canopies is Luke's, and that's because it'll be the official party-spot monday night.

We want to have a hot course at 9:00AM, so NO LATE-COMERS will be tolerated. I'm absolutely serious about this, if you miss the drivers meeting, you don't drive.

Making the drivers meeting should be very easy, because we're inviting you all to enjoy an evening at the track including watching F&F on a big-screen, hawaiian-style hospitality, and camping afterwards. Everyone is welcome to show up whenever they want on Monday, but will only be allowed inside the park once the current day's event is over at 5:00PM.

(we'll have paper-versions of this available for you at the track)

08:45 - Drivers Meeting
09:00 - Grip
09:25 - Beginner Drift
09:50 - Expert Drift
10:15 - Grip
10:40 - Beginner Drift
11:05 - Expert Drift
11:30 - Grip

11:55 - LUNCH

12:55 - Grip
01:20 - Beginner Drift
01:45 - Expert Drift
02:10 - Grip
02:35 - Beginner Drift
03:00 - Expert Drift
03:25 - Grip
03:50 - Beginner Drift
04:15 - Expert Drift
04:40 - END

We're left with 20-min at the end of the day, maybe we'll do something fun with that time. I've got a few ideas...

PASSENGERS will be $15, and must be at least 18yrs old.

SPECTATORS (EVERYONE not driving) will be $5 at the gate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me. I'll be online very sporadically between now and the event, so if it's important, be sure to call. I'm in Portland right now on my way home from FD Seattle!



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