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TIME names 50 worst cars of all time.

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1899 Horsey Horseless
1909 Ford Model T
1911 Overland OctoAuto
1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo
1920 Briggs and Stratton Flyer
1934 Chrysler/Desoto Airflow
1933 Fuller Dymaxion
1949 Crosley Hotshot
1956 Renault Dauphine
1957 King Midget Model III
1957 Waterman Aerobile
1958 Ford Edsel
1958 Lotus Elite
1958 MGA Twin Cam
1958 Zunndapp Janus
1961 Amphicar
1961 Corvair
1966 Peel Trident
1970 AMC Gremlin
1970 Triumph Stag
1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Two-Door Hardtop
1971 Ford Pinto
1974 Jaguar XK-E V12 Series III
1975 Bricklin SV1
1975 Morgan Plus 8 Propane
1975 Triumph TR7
1975 Trabant
1976 Aston Martin Lagonda
1976 Chevy Chevette
1978 AMC Pacer
1980 Corvette 305 "California"
1980 Ferrari Mondial 8
1981 Cadillac Fleetwood V-8-6-4
1981 De Lorean DMC-12
1982 Cadillac Cimarron
1982 Camaro Iron Duke
1984 Maserati Biturbo
1985 Mosler Consulier GTP
1985 Yugo GV
1986 Lamborghini LM002
1995 Ford Explorer
1997 GM EV1
1997 Plymouth Prowler
1998 Fiat Multipla
2000 Ford Excursion
2001 Jaguar X-Type
2001 Pontiac Aztek
2002 BMW 7-series
2003 Hummer H2
2004 Chevy SSR

If you click on the link, you can click on a select car to read why they named it to the list.
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This about the Edsel did make me laugh..

"Cultural critics speculated that the car was a flop because the vertical grill looked like a vagina."
I was just about to post this.

Definately the first time I have ever seen Time magazine say the word crap-tastic. :lol:

"The result was a truly crap-tastic little vehicle..." (King Midget Model III)

Some I agree with, others not so much.

The Corvair is a great car for the record, and I hope future resale values reflect this. That car was no more dangerous than the small SUV's driven at speed today with much more sophisticated tires, suspensions and safety equipment.

Mosler Consulier GTP? It happens to be one of my favorite cars ever; before the single element fixed windshield design. What's wrong with building a car that works? It's a race car made by a private entrepreneur, is the 6 wheeled Tyrrell p34 going to be decried for it's idiosyncrasies too? You might as well throw all automotive progress into the fire and burn Chaparrals at the stake too.

The Mondial cheap Ferrari misnomer is due purely to the automotive press, and uneducated "enthusiasts" who have probably never even touched the car. Today's Mondial collectors market is enough evidence.

Ironically enough, I actually saw a Mosler Consulier GTP the other week and was amazed by how ugly it was in person. It might be a car that looks better in pictures! Just my opinion obviously. ;)
[Warren Mosler] when Carroll Shelby rode with me, and I said, 'Carroll, some people think my car's odd-looking, and I wonder if it's hurting sales.' And Shelby replied: 'Boy, read your history. When the Cobra first come out, people said: "Shelby, that car is some kinda ugly, but it works okay as a racer." Now they tell me it's gorgeous.'"

I think especially with the new MT900 the future of Mosler looks pretty bright now, no?
how can a ford model T be on this list? i mean it was the first car that was produced.
No it was not, it was the first mass produced car from an assembly line and was also the first to use standardized interchangeable parts.
^u know what i mean lol . was the first car actually produced in europe iirc?
A buddy I work with owns a Prowler and it's a DD for him.

I kinda trip out when I see it every morning because it looks so different. It's not ugly but it's just trippy looking; kinda like a cross between a Shelby and a PT Cruiser.

I wouldn't own one but they're definitely eye cathers.
^ ya whats up with the SSR/ prowler comments?
I always see them for cheap and they look pretty good with a nice set of rims. Is there something wrong besides them being "underpowered"?

The real joke is the mondial and lagonda listings. Many enthusiast as well as a number of individuals on Fchat adore these vehicles, not too familiar with the lagonda myself.
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