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I guess the time has come to replace my tranny. Currently my stock tranny has 175k miles on it. It started slipping a litte at 155K, and now it will barely shift gears, or hold them if it does shift. Kinda like a 6 speed with the clutch in.

I am planning on having it dropped sometime before the end of the week, but not sure where I am going to send it.

Since it is out, I might as well have it upgraded, and get a higher stall (like 3200). I currently run eTTC, half seq, half parellel. What suggestions are out there on who I should send it to (SP, PHR, PHP, Other)?

Also for anyone who has had there auto tranny upgraded, what should I expect for downtime (2 weeks, 4 weeks, more), and what is a fair estimate of labor time to remove and reinstall the tranny.

Thanks in Advance
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One more thing.. since I have been doing some research, and it appears that Toyota used the A340E tranny with some supras (not sure which years). However, some other sites say the MKIV TT uses the A341E (also used in the Previa).

Anyone know which one it actually is?

And can the auto tranny be rebuild well by my local reputable tranny shop?

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Personally, I can vouch for the work done at Pro-Tech transmissions (see my other thread in this section). However, they are in NY and you're in CA - you'd have to send out your core...but you'll be very happy with the results. Price: $2995 for the tranny.


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Personally, I've read great things about PRT(Phoenix Remanfactured Transmissions). Here's there web site:

Here's the tranny section for the Supras:

Go for the EXTREME Stage III tranny.

Then you'll need a wicked torque converter so she'll launch like the Space Shuttle. Here's the link for the wicked 4200 unit:

Give the guys a call and talk to them. Let us know what you think.


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I haven't seen any local shops come up with anything good, the Supra tranny is very tricky.

Check out Pro-Tech (I trust Jay's opinion) and check out Phoenix Hard Parts (haven't heard anything bad about them), but I am very pleased with me Sound Performance tranny. As you know I blew up a Level 10 after 9 months of mellow driving, but the SP is holding up quite well and they are the most "time proven" so far.

As far as stall convetors, I wouldn't go with anything higher than a 2800-3200 stall. I am very pleased with my 2800 stall, but doubt I would want to go any higher. And don't go with a re-worked stock one, get one of the ones that is entirely custom.

As far as costs:
SP tranny $3400
Shipping ~$325
Stall Convertor ~$800+
Tranny Cooler & Fan under $100

Labor Should be around $200-250 if you install the cooler yourself.

If you want, email me and you can swing by and take my car for a spin to see how it drives with the SP tranny and Level 10 :madf: 2800 TC.
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