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i finally got my new brake pads so now im ready to start the repcaement of rotors and the pads. I looked at the tsrm online and it seems fairly easy. Only problem is i havent done this before and im missing the anti squeal shims which should be in the calipers. Anyone have any spare shims(i need both sets of anti squeals) or any tips on stuff i should watch out for or be prepared for, i.e. something really hard to get off, important alignment of anything. Any help is awsome.

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Buy the shims from a dealer. They are very cheap. Or just don't put them back on. I never had them and didn't replace them.

Pad and rotors is an easy job if nothing is stuck on there. First time I replaced mine, the rotor was stuck to the the hub so have some coaxing wrenches available.

Coaxing wrenches = mallets or hammers to pry something free :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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