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Times i should run? INPUT needed

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Sup. I want to know what you guys think my car would run in the 1/4 mile. Iam a pretty good decent driver so yeah. Any imput is welcomes. THanks

I have the following on my car:

94 Toyota Supra TT 6 speed
HKS EVC IV boost controller (@19psi race)
ALL HARD PIPING kit (all pipes are aluminm)
Blitz intake filter
Blitz big ass intercooler
GReddy PE exhaust system cat back
SP Engineering Downpipe
HKS Super Sequential blow off valve
NGK 3330 spark plugs (or whatever those 1 step colder plugs are)
Philip Long 2 step boost launch rev limiter
GReddy BCC
TRACS taken off
EGR valve mod

As for traction and suspension:
Tanabe SuperDown springs
KYB AGX Shocks
Stock chrome supra rims on Nitto 555R drag radials

What setting should the front and back settings be at with my KYB AGX for DRAGGING? And what setting for handling?

By the way. When i got my transmission serviced, someone or some tech cut my second 02 sensor on my downpipe. My car felt the same. I didnt notice it until i looked under it. What happens if its left disconnected? Would i feel anything if it was reconnected? Thanks
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