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Re: dont!

chuboy02 said:

...i hate it cos now my body is ruined , if i ever want to take it off i gotta whole mess to deal with ....

The thoughts above are thoughts I wish every supra owner would wake up and fuckin realize!!!!!!!

If I had control of the world, I would not allow any supra owners to attempt any hacking on the rare, beautiful, endagered species of the Supra TT. Mods that can be UN done in one way or another is one thing,
but PLEASE!!!!!..........
will ALL you supra owners QUIT hacking on these fucking cars........THEY ARE NOT HONDA ACCORDS, MUSTANGS, CIVICS, OR FORD PINTOS!!!!!!!!

These are BEAUTIFUL cars that were AHEAD OF THEIR TIME and still don't look DATED!!!!!!!
As we know, they aren't made anymore - HELLO!

Would ALL you KIDS please stop getting a hold of these cars and GHETTOIZING them!!!!!!
These cars are obviously NOT EASY TO FIND IN GOOD SHAPE AS IT IS - GEEESH !!!!

*********Go buy a FUCKIN DIME-A-DOZEN CIVIC if you need to get this out of your system!************

This is not directed to you in particular ScrewDrvr - just venting in general to everyone - it just happens to be an appropriate thread to post this in :p

Thank you ;)

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ScrewDrvr said:

Now this is what concerns me. I want to mold in the sideskirts all along the under side of the door. There is like a 1/2 inch gap all the way down. I think im gonna screw like 4 screws into it, and into the body, then mold it, then after it dries, remove the screws and fill in the holes.

You mean where the bodykit meets the body just inside the doorjamb - at the top of the rocker panel?
When it's ready for permenant mounting, try using some 3M double-sided tape to mount it to the car and then use a paintable/flexible 3M seam-sealer to smooth out the gap...then paint them whit the doors open if you need to in order to paint over the seam sealer or anything like that.
Just don't pop screws threw a permenant part of the body like that (rocker panel)....there's more than one way to skin a cat :)
So, leave the harsh ideas as LAST results ;)
Besides all that.....just remember that wherever there's a hole in a body panel, it will eventually rust from the backside (from inside the rocker panel where you can't get to)....won't matter that you have the exterior side of the panel painted.

good luck ;)
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