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im about to try to mold in all the gaps on my car. the new body kit, like all kits isnt really perfect fitting. I also like the clean look.

This is my first time doing it myself, but i have helped many times, just not to much hands on. I worked at a body shop for a year, but never did it myself. i would always finish it off by sanding and such.

Im gonna be molding in the sideskirts and read bumper. the rear bumper seems rear easy. Im pretty sure i can do it. Same with where the sideskirts meet the 1/4 panel (around the vent area).

Now this is what concerns me. I want to mold in the sideskirts all along the under side of the door. There is like a 1/2 inch gap all the way down. I think im gonna screw like 4 screws into it, and into the body, then mold it, then after it dries, remove the screws and fill in the holes.
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