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Tiptronic Gearbox

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Anyone know what it would cost (in Australian(basically american $ x 2)) to have an auto mkiv setup as tiptronic with the + and - controls on the steering wheel? anyone ever done this??
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not sure but the Japanese Supras have a manumatic gearbox, and I think they might even have shifting on the steering wheel... might wanna check that out, I last year wanted to know what it would cost to swap in that tranny because I like the shifter and seems it would be a bit more fun, but my one concern was wether or not I could build up that tranny in the same way that I can the US one.... Id be interested in finding out more about this, I dont give a damn about the buttons on the steering wheel though, only the actual shifter...
Can you post more inof im very interested Thanks Brett
Unfortunately all I can find is a photo of it...

There is information on however its encoded in japanese and unless you can read japanese... I dont think it will be much use.. I wish I could.
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Go the resources section at the following link and look for the tiptronic review:
What would be needed to do something like this? tranny, ecu, ?????
I believe with the AEM stand alone ECU, you can program it to shift with butons, like a tiptronic. Then place the butons wherever you please.
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