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Ok, so the time has come for new rubber, but I'm on a bit of a budget. Looking for tires that aren't shit, but get the job done with decent quality. Here's the sizes I'm running:

Front: 255/40/17
Rear: 275/40/18

the 255's up front are too wide, and are rubbing like a mofo when I turn in on a slope, so I need to go narrower- I'd say down to 245, *maybe* 235.

I'm looking at BFG's or Falkens. Any input?

edit: links to tire models:

The thing with the BFG's is they don't make a 235/245 in a low enough profile. I had a friend who ran falkens a few years ago, I remember he liked 'em... Arg, decisions and being a poor college student!
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