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Tire Pressure @ Track on Nitto 555R's??

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Wondering what's the ideal psi on nitto drags. I'll be at the track tomorrow and aiming for 1.6 60 fts. :D :D Anyway, thanks !!
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It will vary based on your suspension - the trick is to lower it enough that you hook up without causing problems. I honestly experimented like crazy to find the ideal pressure for me, and it seemed like I had the best results at around 24PSI - ironically, the only real gain was a little more consistency, as I've pulled 1.7x 60' times at 36PSI, heh. Lower than 24PSI and it seemed too much of a spin/bog scenario with the way I launched.

That said, many people recommend going as low at 14PSI...

Incidentally, good luck on your quest for low 60' times! Be prepared to fry your clutch. ;) Update us on how it went when you're done.

I've always used between 16-20psi....I've only pulled 1.9's on the stock twins though :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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