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Tire recommendations & RH offsets.

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Ready to order proper offset RH M5's 18 x 9 front and 10 rears.What is ideal offsets for both-- 41f & 45r? Was going to get Pirelli P7000SS 245-40-18f & 275-35-18r,but my friend, who is service mgr. at Ford SVT dealer where my Lightning is serviced, says Pirelli come standard on Saleens they have had out-of-round and other problems. Thought this would be good all weather tire with 300 treadwear rating so it would last? Other tire suggestions for treadwear rating,handling, quiet,etc? Car is 95NA mechanically stock, so I don't want real big, heavy wheels & tires to slow down acceleration any more than necessary. Steve Jarvis,Andi?? All help greatly appreciated!!
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You may want to consider a 255/35R18 front and a 285/30R18 rear with a the addition of a rear swaybar. This way it would be much easier to sell the wheels/tires if you decided to and the you would also be able to use them on a TT if you bought one in the future. It would give you a very aggresive look, while maintaining the handling balance. You can go to the link below for the offset information, but the 41mm offset fornt and 45mm offset rear will work fine.

Wheel/Tire fitment guide

Later, Steve
Thanks again Steve! But

I know you are the guru,but won't size tires you recommend slow down accleration on stock NA? Any thoughts about the brands & models of tires mentioned? Thanks again!
They will have a slight effect on acceleration, but your cornering speed will be greater. Choosing a heavy wheel such as the RH will have just as much effect as a larger wheel tire (probably more). If I had an NA I would probably run Enkei RP01's in 18x9.5" 45mm offset with 265/35R18's all the way around. The RP01 in an 18x9.5" is around 20lbs. The RH 18x9" is about 26lbs. If your ultimate goal is performance get the Enkei's (or a TE37 etc.). If you want the looks and ability to resale etc. than get the RH's. It all about compromise and what you want.

Later, Steve
Steve, definitely getting RH,still need

My baby is just a cruiser, so will definitely get RH. Is 41f & 45r the "perfect offsets" or is there something better? Tire manufacturer, model needed for "A" ratings & 300 approx tread wear rating, handling,etc. Steve or anybody any suggestions--your experiences with Michelin, Dunlop, or previously mentioned supposed problems with Pirelli P7000SS?
I would probably run the Kumho Ecsta Surpa 712's with a 255/35R18 front and 275/35R18 rear. 41 and 45 mm offsets are not perfect if you want 265's and 295's, but if 255 and 275's are what you want than that is a good offset.

Later, Steve
I would probably run the Kumho Ecsta Surpa 712's with a 255/35R18 front and 275/35R18 rear. 41 and 45 mm offsets are not perfect if you want 265's and 295's, but if 255 and 275's are what you want than that is a good offset.

Later, Steve
I work in the tire business and I would definetly stay away from the P7000's. If you want a good tire go w/ the BF Goodrich G-Force KD's or the Bridgestone So3 PP's. The Kumho is a good choice for those on a budget but they have a few problems w/ their quality control (a lot of these are "out of round"). Also, don't get all caught up in treadwear, as this is not a set standard that all manufacturers follow (a 300 Michelin will differ from a 300 Dunlop). The biggest causes of tire wear are heavy right foot, improper PSI, poor alignment, and lack of rotation (which you don't have to worry with anyway).

Hope this helps.
Thanks Steve & Thrust

Appreciate your replies! What about Michelin Pilot Sport AS. Thinking 255-40-18f & 275-35-18r? Steve, if I got 35 f & r won't rearend sit higher? Is Lance alignment specs on MKIV apply to NA as well as TT? Do wheel/tire combo I'm putting on affect Lance specs? Thanks again for your help!
Do not try to run a 255/40. It will rub. Your front will be a little lower but it won't be noticable unless you look very close. You won't be able to tell the difference when driving.

Later, Steve
Steve, Thank You Sir! Lance specs,etc

Per previous post, do Lance alignment specs apply to NA, especially with 9f & 10r 18" wheels? Will 245-40-18 tires rub like 255-40's you mentioned? 255-35 could be good choice. Any thoughts on Michelin PilotAS? Don't know how you acquired all your knowledge,but have been exrtremely helpful! Thanks again!
Run the 255/35R18 on front as long as you are running at least a 275 on the rear.

Most of my knowledge comes from experience, measuring, and calculations. On the two Supra's I have owned over the past 2.5 years I have run the following sizes of wheels and tires.

Front wheels
17x8" 50mm offset stock
18x8.5" 35mm offset DP Motorsport Carrera Cup
18x9" 42mm offset Enkei RP01
18x9" 41mm offset Racing Hart C5
18x9.5" 50mm offset SSR GPO Decolte Evolutions

Rear wheels
18x9.5" 50mm offset stock
18x9.5" 35mm offset DP Motorsport Carrera Cup
18x9.5" 45mm offset Enkei RP01
18x10" 45mm offset Racing Hart C5
18x10" 49mm offset SSR GPO Decolte Evolutions
18x10.5" 49mm offset SSR GPO Decolte Evolutions

Tires Sizes Front

Tires Sizes Rear

Tire Brands
Pirelli P Zero
Michelin MXX3
Dunlop SP8000
BF Goodrich G-Force KD
Kumho Ecsta Supra 712
Yokohama AVS Sport
Bridgestone SO2

Later, Steve
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