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Tire Selection Help 285/35 not available.. then what?

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Basically I am running 18x9 fronts and 18x10 rears. The problem is the manufacturer says to use 285/35 on the rear and 245/40 on the fronts. I would like to use the BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KD now they have the fronts 245/40YR18 but the colsest they have on rears are 285/30, 298/35, and 265/40. Now with 10in. wide rears how wide can I take the tire without rubbing or anything?

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I have those tires in a 265/35/18. They fit fine. BTW 265 BFG's are wider than most manufacturers rate their tires. They are more like 285's.
What car, wheel, and offset? Front or rears? Thanks for the info!
The 285/30R18 is a better fitment than a 285/35R18 anyway. I would go with the 285/30R18.

Later, Steve
Toyos T1-S and Sumitomo HTRZ II come in 285/35/18.

Just wanted to let you know. I think the t1-s are cool tires.

I was curious if the 295/35/18 BFG KDs will fit on a lowered eibach/kyb without rubbing? I know these tires are the bomb in dry grip.

The 295/35R18 will fit if you have around a 55mm offset. I wouldn't run a tire that is over 1" taller than the stock tire though.

Later, Steve
Thanks Steve for your input.
I figured I have the Blitz Technospeeds 18x10, I think 47mm offset, so they won't fit. But maybe I will roll the fenders a little bit to make them fit. Plus I still break lose my 285/35R18 HTRZ II easily in 2nd gear so I wanted a 295/35 with better all around performance.

The reason I want a 35 sidewall is cause in New York the roads are so bad that I don't want to damage the rims.

Thanks again,
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