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Tired of this $#!*

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Dammit. I've been workin on this rebuild for a couple months now and I'm finally at the finish line and its like it keeps moving farther away. Fuckin problems popping up everywhere.

1) Wrong main studs sent by ARP. FIXED.
2) ARP rod bolts made contact with the block. Had to disassemble entire bottom end, grind down on the block. FIXED.
3) Didnt know the Ross rings were file to fit, had to do it by hand. FIXED.
4)Tranni wouldnt shift, shifter was stuck in gear. Had to remove tranni, and then reinstall.FIXED.
5) Starter wouldnt engauge, had to bypass the neutral safety switch, didnt know how. FIXED.
6) CPS was all fucked up, car wouldnt start. FIXED.
7) WAAAAAYYYYY too much oil pressure, oil being blown out of the cam seals. NOT FIXED.

I've just about had it. I dont know if I even want the damn car anymore. I'm pretty fed up with all this crap. One thing after another and I'm gettin pissed off. :mad:
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but it will be SOOO cool when its done!
Take a break on the car for a while. I know whats its like to feel burnt out. I swapped my motor in to find it has a severe leak from the front main seal. Took me 3 weeks to get up the desire to fix it.
hahahaha.... oh i know that feeling. i'm sorry man, trust me, it'll get better. take a little break like conundrum07 said.
I got burnt out on mine as well........... havent been behind the wheel of a mk3 in like 6 months
bURNT RIGHT NOW... easy tiger. RElax, have a beer, and go back at it later.
As for the oil pressure, shed some light please and maybe I can help you out cause I had the same problemo......
I'm still burned out why do you think I buy P&P mods now? hehe P&P intercooler... ect.. Less work = me happier. = car works more often.

HOw much oil pressure did you have and what oil where you using..

I'm thinking I have the same problem.. I get 4KG2 or what ever that metric garbage says.... When I use 20/50 with lucaus additive.... Thick as hell.. but I rev to 6500 every shift and have no fear :D

I think going to have to replace the seals and get new set of bolts from bofasco to use the allen key bolts to get them torqued down a bit more....

Pain in the ass....

Leaking power steering high pressure line.. pain in the ass...

Drivers tumbler stops working... Pain in the ass....

Dirvers power seat swtich doens't fully work... pain in the ass...

Fog lights decided when they want to turn on... Faulty relay.. Pain in the ass...
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Bigdough666, I feel your pain. I am sooooooo close to finishing my rebuild, but problems keep popping up as well. Installed exhaust manifold only to find threads in head were stripped - helicoiled 7 stud holes. Then re-installed manifold, only to find that one of the studs holding the turbo to manifold is stripped - need to disassemble AGAIN and helicoil manifold. And the list goes on and on and on.

Anyway, about the leaking cam cover seals. The size and the location of the FIPG that goes on the first cap is critical. Too much FPIG and the stuff will block a channel that is needed to relieve oil pressure from the cam seal and allow the oil to route back to the cam area. I'm guessing that's the cause of your leak.

Good luck,
Dale H - 87T
you know i guess all the shit that has been happenening to me could be used for good. whenever you think YOU are having problems just thank god you arent me:

last three months...after a complete rebuild....main cap bolt broke....spun a bearing...threw a rod through the side of the block...engine #1 gone.

bought a jdm engine for 1k.....installed it..started right up...HUGE rod knock.... engine blew up after a minute of running wouldnt take it back so im stuck with blown engine #2.

now im without my car and without any money. ive spent close to 15k on this car including the cost of the car....i have two blown engines and a 3k lb paperweight to show for it.

oh and before this... i had a burnt clutch 4 hours after i bought the car it gave way....2 bhg within a month...shitty mechanic....and have had the car for about a year and have driven it maybe 1k miles......AND ITS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAILY DRIVER!

so take a breath...step back stay away from the car forawhile like im doing right now...and then go back to it in a week or so....youll be glad you did....oh and if it helps laugh at me and my misfortune and thank god youre not in my shoes!
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Ouch, it's threads like this that make me not want to pickup another supe, and go buy an srt-4 or the like
amorak said:
Ouch, it's threads like this that make me not want to pickup another supe, and go buy an srt-4 or the like

mdcmotorsports - I started the car for the 1st time and let it idle for bout 15-20 mins. I watched the oil pressure gauge and it rose steadily, but NEVER stopped. It pegged out. So I go to engine bay and there's oil leaking out of the front of the engine. So I proceed to take off the cam cover and see that oil is being blown out of the cam seals.

Faded87T - what is FIPG? If thats all it is, then thats cool. I was told it might be the pump, but I'd like to try other alternatives before I have to pull the entire engine again. Let me know man, thanks.

Zazzn -- Like I said above, the oil pressure gauge pegged out, whats that like 120 PSI or something?? And I just put regular ol 10W30 Pennzoil in it for the break in period.

And to all you guys, man, I didnt know this many other people have been through sooo many problems like this. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Still sux though. :mad:
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fipg = form in place gasket. It won't fix your oil pressure problem. It sounds like the regulating spring for your oil pressure is fubar. I believe its in the oil pump, so you might be looking at pulling the engine out, and removing the oil pan to get to it...
Bigdough666, Yeah I didn't realize you had super high oil pressure, I just saw the part about leaking cam seals - my fever must be making my vision blurry! I'm with ma71supraturbo, there is something wrong w/ your oiling system. Before pulling the engine though, I would check the oil filter bracket and make sure the bypass valve isn't stuck or in backwards or something. I'd also check the oil cooler and lines to make sure they are clear and flow oil easily.

Dale H - 87T
From your threads that I have read, it sounds likee the rebuild was pretty hacked together - My money is on the bearing's not being in correctly, and the oil holes aren't lined up right on them.
I totally understand how you feel man. Ive been through hell when building my supra..

blown turbo.
wasted my MHG after rod knock, had to get a new one bec the first one was crushed too much.

exhaust side on head all threads stripped while engine in was PITA!

removed turbo millions of times for repair. cleaning. upgrades.

replaced lines, hoses all the times when one went out. went thru all of them to get it fixed once!

valve was ticking bad had to readjust the shims

fan shroud broke had to remove it and blah blah the list goes on!!

brakes went out. bought new one then found it was defective so i had to replace it again!! argh!! now what next!

i know how u feel.. just have to bear with it.. like what others said

get a beer. take a break then come back at it.. when u get though all of this crap.. you get smarter.. and the next time it happen it wont happen again cuz u know what to do and its already fixed! and its gonna be BADASS once u get everything completed!! trust me!

I love my supra no matter how much I spend on it!!!
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high pressure huh?
- bearing clearances too tight, did you chek them with a plastiguage?
- did you remove, stretch or shim the pressure return spring on the oil pump?
- oil gallaries pluged with stuff from machiening

just "finished" my rebuild, I know that feeling too
been through the same shit
It pissed me of so much I just tried and tried and it turned out to be one of the silliest things EVER! LOL
fuck, I don't know why, but I love the supe
god damn Ideal, you have the patience of a saint. I feel like I should put my 2 cents in here, though it feels like it pales in comparison to some of the stuff you guys have been through. My III has cost me a total of nearly 10 grand, including purchase of car but not including things sold to offset expenditures. My first 1JZ clip was never sent to me = 2 grand out of my pocket and the fucker has yet to be found (search for Steven Cullen, theres several threads). Have since bought 2 more engines, one which was sold. The 2nd is in my car, and it runs. However I still have not gotten my piping fabricated to the intercooler and I no exhaust yet. It was a full 6 months from when I pulled out the 7M-GE to when the 1JZ actually turned over and kept running. My exhaust ends right under the armrest, so the car is far from daily driveable. Shit, you can hear it from a mile away, which screams "I need a noise violation ticket". There are still major electrical issues (tach and thermostat don't work, amongst other issues) and I'm totally broke. Its starting to look like I might not even be able to actually drive it before the winter gets here and I have to start being careful again. However, I know that once it is running the way it should be, it will ALL be worthwhile, just like you.
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quit guys, you're depressing me. I'm wondering what might break on mine and the nightmare I'm gonna have with it, Oh wait, I already know, auto trans is slowly but surely burning up with the latest upgrades, bet I have to do it twice or more, lol
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