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if youre talking about japanese specific tires, well as you know they arent easy to find. if you are talking about the yoko advan a032's, we have those. although IMO there are much better choices out there for a road race tire, they just have a very cool looking tread pattern.

if you want a street tire...get the BFG TA KD's you will not be dissapointed, they wear a bit quickly, and arent cheap, but IMO, and i think a lot of people will back me up, they are the best.

if you want to save a bit of cash but are still very concerned with performance, go Bridgestone pole position S03, or goodyear eagle f1 gs-d3, both incredible tires as well.

road race tires...get some hoosiers :) otherwise, kumho makes good racing tires, and they arent all that expensive either.
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