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Hi all, I seem to have an issue with my built box, and I wondered if anyone on here would likely know how to resolve it?

The box came from a 1000hp car over here in the UK (it was only used for a couple of months) , and to the best of my knowledge, he bought it brand new, and had no problem with it all.

It was fitted to mine a few weeks ago, and I've hardly driven it. I noticed straight away that the gear change from 1st to 2nd was quite harsh, but thought it was possibly normal. I was out and about yesterday, and pulled away with a bit of gusto, and as it changed to 2nd,it broke traction on the rear!

Bearing in mind it was bone dry, and a hot day, it doesn't inspire me with confidence, especially as I was only using moderate throttle pressure, and in no way hooning it!

My car is booked for mapping on Fri 5th August, so I'd like to get this sorted before then

Does anyone have any ideas?

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