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Please make him aware of the following:

Posted by: Dale Talbert

"OK Bran, I've had enough. Here's the deal. You either immediately start sending back our headlights or you will have to deal with criminal charges and a civil law suit.

It's been over two weeks since you said you were putting everything aside to get our head lights back. But no one has posted that they have gotten them. I appreciate you sending the hood I bought from you but the other deal with the headlights still is outstanding. I paid for the service and the return shipping in advance but I have nothing in hand. Other guys who sent their lights to you without any payment still are without their lights. Anyway you look at it, we have not gotten the benefit of our bargain. I'm going to give you until the end of the month to start returning the headlights, either serviced or not service, and where appropriate, with a refund of any pre-payment. I think it's fair to return the headlights in the order you received them.

I ask that everyone who gets back their headlights to post here so we know whether progress is being made.

If Bran does not send out some headlights by the end of the month, I'll volunteer to do what's necessary to get them back or make Bran pay a penalty he can't afford. I haven't really made this public, but I'm an attorney who works for the North Carolina's Attorney General's Office. If Bran doesn't start coming through soon, there are things that can be done that will make his situation untenable. And, I'm not talking about a rinky-dink complaint to the California Attorney General's Consumer Protection Setion, which we will do anyway. I'm talking about some serious sh*t. We can file a criminal complaint and get a conviction for "larceny by trick" or "theft of personal property" plus court-ordered restitution (at the fair market replacement price of the lights) or the return of our property. We can file a civil action and get a money-judgment for "conversion" in an amount equal to the total fair market replacement price of the headlights. Either one of those things will bust Bran's plans to start his performance parts business and mess up his credit in general for a long time. We may never get back our lights or money, but Bran will have a criminal conviction and a civil judgment on his credit record for the next seven years.

Bran, you know I think you are a good guy who got in over his head with this stuff. You also know that I have defended you in public and private and have been very patient with you. But it's now time for you to come through. I don't want to do any of the things that can be done, but I will unless you start making things right, NOW.

Gentlemen, if on April 1st, you haven't gotten your headlights back (or a legit tracking number) and/or a refund of any pre-payment you made, send me the details of your transaction with Bran, including copies of any PMs, AIM, or e-mail messages with him, photo copies of shipping receipts, money orders, etc. Don't send me any originals. I want only photocopies. I'll also need your full names, addresses, and telephone numbers. I'll make the contacts with the Santa Rosa and California law enforcement agencies as required and draft and file the civil complaint which we all will have to sign. (I'll have to ask for a few bucks from each of you to cover the civil complaint filing fee and service of process fee.)

You guys can contact me via e-mail at [email protected] or telephone at 919-716-6525 (office); 919-523-3342 (cell). My mailing address is:
W. Dale Talbert
Special Deputy Attorney General
N.C. Attorney General's Office
Post Office Box 629
Raleigh, NC 27602

Bran, this is your last chance as far as I am concerned. The hard deadline is March 31st. Surely you can get some lights back to people by then. If you don't, be prepared to face the serious consequences of your actions."
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