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Hello All,
I just installed a set of tokico illumina springs and 5 way adjustable struts set on the supra. Some how I was able to get a set after the fact I learned they've been discontinued from the tokico line up.

The setup is pretty nice and I love the 1 inch drop all around. Right now I have them set to the softest setting 1, but right away I could tell the upgrade was better than the stock suspension with barely any nose dive under hard braking and flatness in turns.

For the few people that do have them (FYRARMS i think has this set), what settings do you find most comfortable for daily driving and what settings for the occasional canyon carving? I want to play around with the settings over the next couple weeks but wanted to see what others found to be the sweet spot.

For everyone else, what's the best F / R stiffness setting to help with understeer? I understand stiffer settings in the rear promotes oversteer, but with the supra would it be better to keep the F / R settings equal?

My next suspension upgrade arrived today and hopefully I can install my new TRD sway bars this weekend. That should make a big difference too. I can't wait.

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